Meet Adenike Babalola

Adenike Babalola is a work-from-home writer and editor who resides in Osun, Nigeria. She has written for hundreds of international businesses and helped them sell their products and services through her ghostwriting expertise.

She received her B.A. in English from Obafemi Awolowo University in 2015 (finishing in the top 3% of her class) and served as an English and Literature-in-English tutor in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti in 2016.

Adenike couldn’t get a job after making several copies of her CV and credentials with her final NYSC allowance ( roughly N41, 000).

Before leaving Ekiti, she developed skills in Computer Appreciation, Customer Relationship Management and Fashion Designing. She was hopeful that these skills would come in handy in the course of her career.

However, Adenike got the shocker of her life when she walked the streets of Lagos without success. She checked at Radio Nigeria, Guaranty Trust Bank, Beat FM, Corona Schools, British International School, Meadow Hall, MTN, Nigeria Communications Commission  and some others around the Ikoyi and Victoria Island axis.

Through the help of a relative, she applied for an Internship program with Access Bank but her 46 (in Quantitative) and 60 (in Verbal Reasoning) must have ruined the chances. By the way, did you know that Adenike best Mathematics result was an E8?

Luckily in mid-2017, she took up a writing gig for a guy who needed other writers for his writing gig. He paid her $2 for anything above 500 words and she learned how to pitch her near-flawless writing.

Next she joined an online platform and began to write and improve her writing skills to help clients. Tired of unending deadlines and pressure, she decided to create her own website – Ellen G. White Books. It is a book review site that helps people find themselves by marrying 20th century knowledge with modern health and lifestyle tricks and research.

To digress a bit, people often thought Adenike resembled Remi Tinubu, a female Senator and powerful woman in Lagos. Why? They both have a wide forehead (“opon” as the Yorubas call it) but Adenike has learnt to accept it as a compliment for a “big brainy head”.

At other times, some have argued that Adenike studied abroad because of how fluently she spoke English. However, she hasn’t travelled farther than Togo (and that’s an adventure she’s never going to forget – who will ever forget staying up all night in a homer bus at a cross-country border?).

Ellen G. White Books is still at its infant stage but Adenike is optimistic that she’ll attain the tall heights which people like Oprah, Jada Pinkett Smith and Neil Patel have achieved.

It will take only time. Have you listened to “Only Time” by Enya? You should. Adenike loves that song. 

Adenike loves:

1) God

2) People

3) Books

4) Music

5) Dogs

6) Languages

7) Paintings

8) Organising

And she hopes to learn:

Mandarin Chinese










Adenike currently resides in Ile-Ife with her husband, Boye. You can reach her on

Twitter – @knhikhie

Facebook – Bolaji Babalola

LinkedIn – Mobolaji Babalola

Email – (she’s quick to reply people who wear glasses, BTW. The nerdy attractive look is awesome.)

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