What Can You Learn From Steps to Christ? (Review, Part 2)

Are you transformed and growing in Christ?

In my last post about Ellen G. White’s Steps to Christ, I promised to write a second part to cover the fifth to eighth chapters.

Although it has taken me a while to do this, I’m ready. I hope you still remember what we discussed in the first post.

Without much ado, let’s get to it.

Assessing Ellen White’s Most Popular Book

As I mentioned in one of my first posts, this book is one of the most translated Ellen G. White books. It has been read by thousands of people across the world and has made so much impact.

From my point of view, Steps to Christ is a life-changing book that takes us through the rudiments of the Christian life.

Honestly, it’s a tough world we live in. We have the recent news of the Ethiopian Airlines crash that killed 157 people on board including a distinguished Nigerian, Professor Pius Adesanmi.

Again, Lagosians and Nigerians mourn the loss of children who were victims of the building collapse at Ita Faji, Lagos Island.

And many others!

Yet, is there really no hope? Have things always been this bad? We mustn’t forget how beautiful it was at the beginning and how beautiful it can be again.

If our lives are transformed to fit the picture of Christ’s true followers, the sorrows of life would be easier to bear. In fact, we would have the grace, ease, and strength to stand for the truth.

Under the next subheading, we’ll be looking at chapter five to chapter eight of Steps to Christ. The chapter titles are as follows:

  • Consecration
  • Faith and Acceptance
  • The Test of Discipleship
  • Growing Up into Christ

These chapter titles may give you an idea of what I’ll be writing about. Here we go.

Chapter Five

As earlier mentioned, Ellen White’s Steps to Christ focuses on changing our lives and helping us establish a strong relationship with God.

In “Consecration,” we learn that change comes only when we surrender all to God. And surrendering all to God can only occur when we search for Him with all our hearts.

Have you ever had those moments when you felt so terrible about something you did wrong? How did you feel?

For me, many times, I always feel angry with myself. I would say “Can’t you just do something right for once?” Forgive the perfectionist in me.

But then, Ellen White makes it clear in this chapter that the greatest battle is the warfare against self. And the devil prefers to have us as captors.

However, we can win every battle by allowing God to heal and transform us. He won’t force you to love, accept, and obey Him. As a matter of fact, you have to make a choice.

Will you surrender to His will? Or would you rather be in 50% and out 50%?

I’m sorry; but with God, it doesn’t work that way.

You Cannot Do It Alone

Earlier this month, I read Nehemiah 9, a chapter that talked about the back and forth of the children of Israel.

Do you know what broke my heart? I could see myself in them! I felt like I was so used to going back and forth, struggling and getting back up.

Nonetheless, do you know what inspired me? It’s an excerpt in this chapter, “There are those who profess to serve God, while they rely on their own efforts to obey His law, to form a right character, and secure salvation.”

My works cannot save me. I need to recognize what Christ has done for me and cling to it. What can I give for Him? What are you willing to give for Him?

Christ gave up all. His glory for shame. His comfort for inconvenience. His praises for insults. But then, He didn’t regret it.

Ellen G. White further adds that God will not ask us to give up things that are good for us. He only wants us to part with the things that hurt us or bring us sadness.

Trust me; you cannot walk this walk on your own. You need to consecrate your heart to him and allow him work in you. When you decide for Christ, He’ll power your desire and help you begin the new life you crave.

Chapter Six

In chapter six of Steps to Christ, “Faith and Acceptance,” Ellen White brings us closer to the steps we need to take to be in harmony with God:

  • Believe that only God can give you a new heart
  • Believe that He can take your sins away
  • When you pray, believe he hears you
  • Come as you are; don’t wait till you’re perfect
  • Don’t doubt when you ask for forgiveness.

Have you ever struggled with making a decision that you knew was right for you? I have.

I try to exercise every morning. I try to be faithful. But I have this thing with being inconsistent. And I pray every day for the grace to get more serious.

But I just don’t pray about exercising every day. I equally take the necessary steps to get back into my workout mode, even if it means starting small.

Yes, that’s what this is about. You belong to God. He bought you with a price. So, there’s a lot of value on you. And if you’ve been going wrong for a long time now, it’s not too late to turn back.

Now is the best time to reach for holiness. And yes, you can be holy.

Don’t think that God forgives just some people and the others get to suffer. No. Not at all!

Ellen White says in this chapter, “Do not wait to feel that you are made whole, but say, “I believe it; it is so, not because I feel it, but because God has promised.”

She further adds on page 55, “Put away the suspicion that God’s promises are not meant for you. They are for every repentant transgressor.”

From my experience, I can tell you that when the doubts come, I only look up and say, “Christ redeemed me. He loves me and will help me to live like Him.”

And I get strength. It’s that simple.

Chapter Seven

The Test of Discipleship” emphasizes our roles as obedient followers of Christ. Ellen G. White describes how impossible it is for us to redeem ourselves.

But then, she adds that people who are new in Christ will express the fruit of the Spirit as written in God’s Word. This includes:

  1. Love
  2. Joy
  3. Peace
  4. Long-suffering
  5. Gentleness
  6. Goodness
  7. Faith
  8. Meekness
  9. Temperance

All nine make up a single fruit. When you choose to follow Christ, you have to be like Him. Avoid leaning on your own abilities because you will fail.

Once again, remember that His grace empowers you to obey His law – commandments and precepts.

This is how it works:

Salvation comes by faith. Faith leads to obedience.

As a true disciple, you need to reflect your master. Ellen G. White concludes this chapter by stating that, “The more our sense of need drives us to Him and to the Word of God, the more exalted views we shall have of His character, and the more fully we shall reflect His image.”

In all, the closer we come to Christ, the better we will be.

Chapter Eight

In “Growing up into Christ,” we learn that we’re like new born babies or new seeds that have just been cultivated. We need to grow and bring forth fruit.

If we will increase, we need to be born again. We also need to germinate and be blessings to others. Only God can help us grow, and this brings us to the illustration that Christ is the living water. When you drink from him, you never thirst again.

Sounds too good to be true?

Without Him, we can do nothing. Normally, all of our efforts will amount to nothing except we consecrate ourselves to Him daily.

Be a Christ-copycat. Love like Him. Forgive like Him. Help like Him. Depend on Him.

I know this sounds somewhat unbelievable. But you cannot grow if you dwell on your faults or allow doubt to discourage you.

Ellen G. White describes Satan’s devices when she says on page 73, “Many who are really conscientious, and who desire to live for God, he too often leads to dwell upon their own faults and weaknesses, and thus by separating them from Christ he hopes to gain the victory.”

Lose yourself in Christ instead. Allow him to keep and protect all that is yours. When Christ lives in you, you will be transformed.

Now, I know this sounds odd since He’s up there in Heaven. But we know one thing for sure, and Ellen White echoes this as well, that Jesus prayed for us, and He asked that we might be one with Him, even as He is one with the Father.

Wrapping Up

In the four chapters I discussed above, we see the movement from our weaknesses and brokenness to a state of acceptance, transformation, and growth.

Does this sound like what you need? Are you seeking ways to be a better person, a better Christian? Or do you simply need to find your way back to God?

These chapters of Steps to Christ show us that we are not alone. And the best part is that in the following chapters, we will find out more about what God can do for us and what we can do for Him.

Look out for my next review of the final chapters of Steps to Christ:

  • The Work and the Life
  • A Knowledge of God
  • The Privilege of Prayer
  • What to Do With Doubt
  • Rejoicing in the Lord

Did you enjoy this post? I’ll be excited to read from you. Please leave your comments and remember to share this post with your loved ones.

Till you read from me again,

Lots of love!

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