Why Should You Care Who Ellen G. White was?

Many people wonder who Ellen G. White refers to. In fact, it’s surprising how her name seems to be popular in only the Seventh-day Adventist circle.

Ellen G White and family

Yes, she was a co-founder of the SDA Church. Yet Ellen G. White books have made impacts in many lives and institutions.

So, this post will enlighten you on basic facts about E. G. White. You’ll find answers to your questions about her. More importantly, you’ll understand why Ellen G. White books are a must read.

Read further to find out more.

Ellen G. White: the Young Girl

As a girl of 17, Ellen G. White received divine inspiration to write on a range of topics including health, education, ministry, family, work, dating and courtship, lifestyle, motherhood and more.

She was a famous American Christian author who lived within the 19th-20th centuries. She was recognised by Smithsonian as one of the 100 most influential people in America.

According to Wikipedia, Biographer Arthur L. White (her grandson) described her as the most translated female non-fiction author throughout literature history.

Yet, she remains one of the most controversial authors of all time. Because many individuals found it difficult to accept her claim that her visions and writings were from God, they attacked her personality and resources.

Ellen Gould White was born on November 26, 1827 with her twin sister, Elizabeth, and she died on July 16, 1915. For over 70 years of her life, she wrote books, pamphlets, letters and manuscripts relating to healthy spiritual, physical, and mental living.

At age 19, she married James Springer White and together, they had four sons. While some described her as friendly, others considered her rigid and too serious about life.

Nevertheless, she was a preacher who many people sought. Till date, Steps to Christ and The Great Controversy are two of her most popular books. In fact, you’ll find many of these Ellen G White books on Amazon, the Adventist Book Center, EGW Writings, and ThriftBooks.

How E. G. White Received Inspiration

Ellen G. White claimed to have received her inspiration from God and angels sent to show her visions and dreams.

This occurrence began shortly after she felt her insufficiency and the need to turn fully to God. After her baptism, these visions became consistent and they began to occur both in private and public places.

Interestingly, while many didn’t believe her, her soon-to-be husband, James White believed her and supported her.

Many people have written controversial books and articles about her. As a matter of fact, many of these people have claimed that she plagiarised some other books.

However, such criticism isn’t uncommon with public figures or popular religious authors.

Some Popular Ellen G. White Books

In her lifetime, Ellen G. White wrote 40 books, several other manuscripts, articles and letters.

Steps to Christ, for instance has been translated to over 140 languages.

Other notable Ellen G. White books include:

  1. Child Guidance
  2. The Desire of Ages
  3. Messages to Young People
  4. Christian Service
  5. The Adventist Home
  6. Christ’s Object Lessons
  7. Letters to Young Lovers
  8. The Great Controversy
  9. Counsels on Diet and Foods
  10. An Appeal to Mothers

For a complete list of her books, look out for my next post.

Final Thoughts

Reading Ellen G. White books is a transforming experience because you get Holy Spirit-interpreted messages of Bible truths and life.

If living healthy and being accomplished are on top of your 2019 to-do list, then Ellen G. White books should be your companion.

Did you find this post interesting? Feel free to share your comments with me. I’ll also be happy if you could share this post with your friends and loved ones.

Stay happy till we talk on these pages again!


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